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   Welcome to my Movie Clips page. Some of the movie clips of Windows Media Player are high resolution.

Note: You will need to QuickTime Player 4+ to run some of these clips.
Click Here to download it. But some of the movie clips can be only run on Windows Media Player. You may download it by clicking here. You will need Winzip for unzipping the zipped files.


Status: Just 2 clips are down. The Games are up. Find me a new host with the features located on the main page and you will get more newest dubbed clips I am waiting to be uploaded.


* = New!

Clips in archive: 15

GREY color hyperlinks mean not working!

  The Saiyan Saga      
Format Description Size Time Ver.
QuickTime Goku throws his Kamehameha attack on Raditz.  1.08 MB 0:22 Eng.


  The Frieza Saga      
Format Description Size Time Ver
Windows M. Goku goes Super Saiyan for the first time. 565 KB 0:26 Jap.


  The Trunks Saga      
Format Description Size Time Ver
Quicktime Trunks slices Frieza and finishes him off!  4.63 MB 0:56 Jap.
*Windows M. Goku shows his instant transmission technique to his friends. 3.70 MB 0:42 Eng.


  The Cell Saga      
Format Description Size Time Ver
Windows.M Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 1.91 MB 2:07 Jap.


  The Buu Saga      
Format Description Size Time Ver.
*Windows.M Goku goes Super Saiyan 3. 8.5 MB 2:27 Eng.
*Windows M. Krillin thinks about his childhood with Goku after he hears Goten and Trunks arguing. 2.56 MB 0:29 Eng.
*Windows. M Majin Buu kills Babidi 2.63 0:30 Eng.
QuickTime Vegetto is formed by Goku and Vegeta fusing together 1.94 MB :30 Jap.
QuickTime Vegetto goes Super Saiyan and surprises everyone! 1.25 MB 0:18 Jap.
QuickTime Vegetto's Big Bang Attack 1.27 MB :15 Jap.


  Clips of Commercial (s) and Introduction (s)      
Format Description Size Time Ver.
*Windows.M Introduction of Dragonball (I must have listened to this like 50 time now or 100!+) 5.71 MB 1:45 Jap.


  DBZ Movies' Clips      
Format Description Size Time Ver.
QuickTime Gohan fights with Broli but looks like he is going to lose...!! 3.54 MB 0:46 Jap.
QuickTime Broli does an attack but its opponent was way powerful..... and he was history! 979 KB 0:10 Jap.






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