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Sunday, December 12 @ 10:09 PM

The Unexpected Revival ... Part II
Wow.... havnet been updating this for quite a while eh... well its been almost 4 years since this site was born and the Dragonball series in English have come to an end. Well DBGT is still being broadcasted in Canada. Too bad they have the terrible OCean Group version on YTV, I hate the voice actors but prefer the original Japanese music. Anyhow, the reason that I finally updated is that a very kind person sent a fan art! Check it out here!

Saturday, June 14 @ 11:07 PM

The Unexpected Revival
Aah, almost an year has passed since I updated this page. Lots of things have been happening in school and its getting tough. Even in the outside world...let's see, the War on Iraq, more unemployment, more viruses such as SARS and other local issues around the world. Starting Monday are my exams. Unfortunately, DBZ is already over, and DBGT in Canada is aimed to be aired on YTV starting September. If you guys could, all those fast connections out there might be able to find the dubbed versions already by some groups on Direct Connect or Kazaa, or better yet, IRC.. Unfortunately, I am on a dial-up connections and it would take me forever to download. The latest episode I heard which was out (possibly) Episode 38, I think. That is more than half of the series already. O_o Weird......time passes fast. Now, good news and bad news.

       Let's go with the bad news first.

       The anime radio is gone.....well the one I potentially had helped set-up. The administrator decided to call quits because of the tremendous bandwidth consumptions and additional costs.  

       DragonBallZ english version is over. I am blindfolded with what's happening with other languages except Japanese. (My sister just told me that the fact DBZ is over could be good news for some people. :| Are you one of them? If so, submit your message here.) 

       Some of my precious accounts have been expired and so....

       Now the good news: summer is here and hopefully I will be able to get some time on this site.

       Another dedicated anime radio, which has been around for about 1.5 years will be linked to, shortly.

        No definite plans, but when DBGT is over, maybe a new fan site being introduced?

       The movie clips and games will be up, InshAllah (hopefully), shortly. But I will be happily, readily, quickly will be appreciating any suggestions of a new server. A back-up is always an exceptional thing to have in arsenal.

        And of course, the final good news that this site still has all of the web organs to function. It still breathes......don't worry its not dead yet.

Wednesday, August 21 @ 2:42 PM

Anime Radio
I have edited the affiliation rules so it could be easier for people to get listed in this site. Please check them here

Wednesday, August 21 @ 2:42 PM

Anime Radio
Introducting a new anime online radio. Broadcasting Japanese, Korean, English, and Anime songs. Please go here for more details/.

Thursday, August 1 @ 11:59 PM

DBZ Movie
(Already one month passed of summer [excludes the earth's southern hemisphere] and I haven't done anything special! Sorry!) Jet Li has been chosen to play Goku in the DBZ Live Action movie. Visit and vote who you want to play Vegeta. 

Sunday, June 9 @ 11:59 PM

Multimedia up
Games and movie clips are finally up. Sorry for the long wait folks.

Sunday, April 28 @ 11:08 AM

I have been searching for a host but haven't come up to a good one yet. V3 Space is not accepting new users and I have received few suggestions from visitors of this site. Thanks to them. Hopefully, the games will be back up again and I know how much you people love them. To make things easier, just sign up on the mailing list on the left and you will receive and email when the games will be up again.

Saturday, April 6 @ 11:14 AM

Multimedia down
This is bad news for everybody, my movie clips and games are down now due to my server, which emailed me that I have broken ne of the terms of service's rules. Now I am just wondering, what rules will be broken just to put up movie clips and games. AGH! Please people you have got to help me to put those up again. Find me a new host unlike that stupid lame idiotic web1000. Or you won't get anything!!!! Thank you.

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